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Energetic Modalities


How Much More Serenity

Would You Like to Add to Your Life?

***We Offer Virtual Classes & Sessions

From private sessions that directly work with your body's ability to receive more ease to verbal facilitation and coaching to create more clarity about what you'd like to create in your life to classes near you.....all you have to do is ask. We can tailor our services to what's going to work for you. Packages, group rates and personalized services are available. 

Access Bars® Session


This is a relaxing hands-on energetic body process.  During the session, the facilitator gently touches 32 points on the client's head.  Staying on each point for a period of time can assist the client to release tension and achieve a complete sense of balance in all aspects of their lives.  Activating these areas will allow energy to flow and open new possibilities for self-improvement and to live a life full of ease, joy and gratitude.  Please click on the links to learn more.

Would you like to unblock the areas of your life you've been attempting to change without success, improve productivity, and be on the creative edge?

These sessions can provide more space for positive thoughts, create greater mind-body balance and you walk out feeling relaxed and at ease.

30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute sessions available.

To find an Access Bars class, go HERE

If you don't see one in your area and would like to host a class, email Zulma at

Access Consciousness TM Body Process



What if our bodies are a great contribution to our lives being different? Is it possible to heal by changing a point of view? Access Consciousness TM Body Processes are hands-on processes to create ease in your body. With the Body Process, we activate specific energies to create that change.

Combining the Access Hands-On Body Processes with the Access Consciousness Verbal Processing, we have seen changes in bodies previously thought impossible. 


These sessions can reduce pain, improve sleep, optimize organ functioning, and boost your immune system. 

There are approximately 55 to choose from, including Zero Sum of Trauma, Trifold Sequencing Sequences (for PTSD and more), and the Reversal of Aging and Olding. 

60 minute, 90-minute sessions available.

To find an Access Consciousness TM Body Process class, go HERE

If you don't see one in your area and would like to host a class, email Zulma at

Access Energetic Facelift™


This treatment is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the appearance of aging.  What have clients noticed? 

  • A lessening of lines and wrinkles

  • Improved Eye-sight

  • Firmness and toning of facial muscles and overall skin

  • Healing of and reversal of the scarring process

  • Healthier skin and overall appearance

60 minute, 90-minute sessions available.

To find an Access Energetic Facelift TM CLASS, go HERE

If you don't see one in your area and would like to host a class, email Zulma at

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Symphony of Possibilities Sessions

Live or Virtual Sessions


The Symphony Sessions are about energetic empowerment and change and it can invite you to open up to LIVING in a completely different way. Every person has a unique capacity with receiving and gifting energies and a Symphony session allows you to start to truly access what is true for you and your body – beyond everything that you bought as real in this reality. The Symphony Sessions are based on Access Consciousness tools and the energetic transformation work created by Dr. Dain Heer.

Living & Dying Sessions

Live or Virtual Sessions

This energetic body process, created by Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo, awakens you to more life and living your way. This body process is particularly effective for people who would like to care for themselves as they care for others. It unlocks anywhere that you are aware of other people who are dying, destroying their futures or killing possibility, and locked it in your body. When it is unlocked you get to have more energy, be more enlivened, and have more clarity on what unique gifts and capacities you have in order to create your life and contribute to others more effectively.

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