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Insights on Starting Your Practice as an Access Bars® Practitioner.

Updated: Apr 28

What are the requirements to take an Access Bars® class?

What do you need to establish your practice as a practitioner? How soon can you earn money?

What supplies do you need to start your practice?


Access Bars is a technique offered by Access Consciousness. The “Bars®” is a gentle and easy modality where the practitioner touches specific points on the head to facilitate the release of electromagnetic charge associated with various aspects of life. The session aims to induce deep relaxation and promote the flow of energy, without the need for additional sensory inputs.

If you're interested in taking an Access Bars class, typically, there are no prerequisites or requirements. The classes are open to anyone interested in learning the technique.

That said, here are some general things to keep in mind:

  1. Interest and Openness: Having an interest in energy modalities, consciousness, and personal development is beneficial. Being open to new ideas and experiences is key to getting the most out of the class.

  2. Finding a Facilitator: We at Serene Fusion offer these classes regularly and around the US and other countries. We also have other facilitators that we’ll gladly recommend.

  3. Cost and Schedule: It’s typically a one-day workshop and the price varies from $440 (first time taking the class) to $220 (repeat price).

  4. Booking: Once you've found a class that fits your schedule and location, you may need to book your spot in advance as classes can fill up quickly. Check our schedule at

  5. Comfortable Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing as you'll be lying down for most of the class while receiving and practicing the Access Bars technique.

  6. Language: There are facilitators across the US and around the world. Depending on the facilitator and location, the class might be conducted in a specific language. In some cases, you can request translation.


Establishing your practice as an Access Bars practitioner involves several steps, including training, certification, and setting up your practice. Here's an overview of what you'll need and the timeline for earning money:

  1. Training and Certification: You can become a Practioner, which allows you to do private sessions, or you can become a Facilitator, which allows you to teach classes. The first step is to complete an Access Bars class, a one-day workshop where you'll learn the Access Bars technique. After completing the class, you'll be certified as an Access Bars® “Practitioner”.

  2. Experience: As for earning money, you can start generating income relatively quickly after completing your Access Bars® training and certification. Many practitioners offer sessions immediately after certification, charging a fee for each session.

  3. Becoming an Access Bars® “Facilitator”: Take the class three times with three different facilitators. First time, you’ll pay full price and half price on the second and third times, respectively, to deepen your understanding and gain insights from various perspectives and teaching styles.

In terms of supplies, the essential items you'll need to start your Access Bars practice include:

  1. Massage Table or Reclining Chair: You'll need a comfortable surface for clients to lie down on during sessions. A massage table or a zero-gravity chair works well for this purpose. In some cases, you may even use a sofa or comfortable chair.

  2. Blankets and Pillows: Provide blankets and pillows to ensure your clients are comfortable during the session.

  3. Business Cards and Marketing Materials: Having business cards and other marketing materials to promote your services and provide contact information to clients is recommended but not necessary to start your business.

  4. Appointment Scheduling System: Use an appointment scheduling system or calendar to manage bookings and keep track of client sessions.            

Start your journey as an Access Bars Practioner Here:

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